Other Businesses

We are expanding the sales of equipment and materials actually used at Haneda Airport and highly profitable events beyond the boundaries of the industry.


Business Introduction

Radi-Cool Sales Business

Sales of "Radi-Cool", a radiative cooling material that applies the principle of radiative cooling started in 2020. The material has been used throughout the airport to lower the temperture in areas where air conditioners are difficult to install, and to reduce electricity costs by improving the effectiveness of air conditioners. After testing and utilizing the material, we have expanded sales to other airports and hospitals.

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Robot Sales Business

We sell, lease, and provide operational support services for "Robots" and related equipment installed at Haneda Airport to aiports, office buildings, and commercial facilities around the world.

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Bonded Art Auction Business

Utilizing the knowledge and expertise of bonded warehouse management that the Japan Airport Terminal Group has cultivated over many years, we are attracting and hosting various international art auctions. We strive to expand and revitalize the Japanese art market, while working to increase the value of Haneda Airport.

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